Hi! I'm Danielle

I'm an affirming therapist here for you to bring whatever issues you really have to the table. I can teach you the specific skills which may help you change your life.

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 Danielle, a stunning black woman with curly brown hair, lighting up the room with her warm smile while wearing a fashionable white shirt topped with a grey sweater. Explore diverse beauty and style inspiration in this captivating image.

What Makes Me Different?


When I was starting my own mental health journey I struggled to find a therapist I felt safe with. I know that is a common problem for many people. 

After completing my Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, I wanted to create a safe place for people who have felt left out of traditional therapy spaces. 

My Motto

I believe in a very simple principle, people can changeI've experienced it myself, and seen it with hundreds of clients I've helped over the years. My dual licensure in addictions and mental health counseling means that I have the expertise to help with many of the issues that may arise – be it addiction or anxiety, depression or sexual issues, trauma or abuse, racism or discrimination.

With a wealth of experience and specialized training, I offer expertise in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Sex Therapy Informed practices, Clinical Telemental Health, and couples therapy. My commitment to inclusivity and professionalism drives me to deliver tailored support for diverse populations.

Danielle, a charming black woman with shoulder-length curly dark brown hair, as she sits outdoors against a rustic brick wall backdrop, donning a cozy grey sweater.

My Goal

My goal is to help people learn powerful skills to make positive changes in their lives. I offer a variety of counseling services designed to help you thrive. Whether you struggle with addiction, depression, anxiety, or just need someone to tell your truth. I am here for you. 

My Values

I work diligently towards creating a space where people feel welcome and honored. I strive to advance equity by examining my biases and dismantling oppressive beliefs in myself and when working with others. I'm a member of the following organizations and associations: American Counseling Association, WPATH-The World Professional Association for Transgender Health, The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, Association of Addiction Professionals, Colorado Association of Addiction Counselors, NALGAP: The Association of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Addiction Professionals and Their Allies.

Danielle is a beautiful black woman with shoulder-length curly dark brown hair, framed against an outdoor brick wall backdrop. Her grey shirt and vibrant blue and white scarf add a touch of style
Therapy Client Portal
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